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1 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces Smiling Faces 2022-23 EDI T ION Meet Some of Our Dent i s t s I ns i de | www. ChsDent i s t s . com | Dent i s t Di rec tor y It’s All in the Smile Oral Health and Overall Wellness Dental Hygienists The Unsung Heroes in Dentistry The Ultimate Guide to Oral Health Professionals Dr. Nicole Dahlkemper Dr. Ellen Paulisick Dr. Jeffrey Johnson Dr. Rebeca Zechmann Hygienist Amber Strickland Dr. Jennifer Stokes Dr. Graham Lee Dr. Ravi Patel

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 2 smiling faces (843) 881-8881 | | Live Chat Online 24/7 | Open Saturdays 1204 Two Island Court, Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 (Conveniently located off IOP Connector) Pleasant Family D E N T I S T R Y No Insurance, No Problem The Pleasant Family Dentistry Dental Savings Plan is designed by our office to provide affordability and greater access to dental care. This plan is a discount plan, not an insurance plan. “Always a happy, friendly professional staff for my visit. They are the best inMt. Pleasant or anywhere.” -Real Client Review Ask one of our staff about our PFD Premiere Savings Plan today With our PFD Premiere Plan there are: • No yearly maximums • No deductibles • No claim forms • No pre-authorization requirements • No pre-existing condition limitations • Immediate eligibility (no waiting periods) • Complimentary consultations “Great staff and highly recommend their reasonably-priced comprehensive plan/yr. They do great work in a comfortable atmosphere withmodern amenities. Aside fromcleaning, I’ve had a crown done as well and the care and attention was second to none and pricingwas par for the course.” -Real Client Review Gregory Johnson, DDS Rick Jackowski, DDS

3 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces Mt. P 29464 / 843.884.8884 / @smilecarolinasc @virginialgregorydmd @drjohnsondmd YOUR EXPERT TEAM FOR COMPREHENSIVE SMILE REJUVENATION DR. VIRGINA GREGORY COSMETIC DENTISTRY DR. JEFFREY JOHNSON DENTAL IMPLANTS COSMETIC RESTORATIVE ENDODONTIC GENERAL FACIAL AESTHETICS SNORE GUARDS Mount Pleasant 311 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite 121 Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 Summerville 201 Sigma Drive Suite 209 Summerville, SC 29486 (843) 388-4853 Derrick Woods HAS-0624 Our staff is committed to giving our patients the best hearing care. If you or a loved one is experiencing hearing loss, call us today and find out why we were voted Best Hearing Aid Providers! Thank you for your TRUST. Thank you for your CONFIDENCE. 2020 2021

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5 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces Behind every great dentist there is a man or a woman who cares deeply for patients, who calms a crying child, who spots an early sign of oral cancer or who saves a tooth in danger of extraction. This person is an important cog in the machine that is a successful dental practice, always holding moving parts together and often performing many tasks at once. These employees have serious responsibilities concerning patient health, but must also be personable, organized and detail-oriented. Too often, it is only the doctor that gets the glory — and the doctor deserves the praise for all they do as leaders and practitioners in their fields. However, the face behind the other mask should not go unnoticed. It is the face of a person who could save a tooth or, in some cases, a life. Dental Hygienists are known for cheerfully greeting patients, then whisking them away to the chair where they’ll be given a choice between mint or bubblegum for the cleaning. They use the shiny hooked tools to get the most stubborn plaque—the kind that ruthlessly defeats drugstore dental floss time and time again— away from the gumline and make smiles bright. However, that isn’t all they do. They aren’t simply toothbrushes on steroids. These professionals, who complete 18 months of clinicals after two years of pre-requisites, are battling on the frontlines of oral health. They are often the first people to notice dangers to health indicated in the mouth. Dental hygienists are trained to spot smaller problems like decay, weaknesses in the teeth, cracks in the teeth or young cavities. But they are also educated on spotting the first signs of oral cancer and gum disease, both of which can be deadly if not treated. Dental issues are also associated with many serious, underlying conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Simply scheduling a cleaning could make the difference in a patient’s medical future, thanks in large part to their hygienist. Dental Hygienists The Unsung Heroes in Health Care BY LORNA HOL L I F I ELD ( Le f t to R i ght ) K r i s t i na Hubbard, E l l e Todd. Both are wi th Wando Fami l y Dent i s t r y. Photo prov i ded. Amber St r i ck l and of Pl easant Fami l y Dent i s t r y.

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 6 smiling faces Beyond the clinical aspects of scheduling a session in the chair are the social benefits. Dental hygienists get a lot of facetime with families. They build relationships with the people to whom they gift a shining smile. Office manager and dental hygienist Kristina Hubbard of Wando Family Dentistry said, “I love to make people confident.” Hubbard understands the opportunities she affords her patients by helping them maintain top-notch oral hygiene. She knows that putting a smile on a face builds self-esteem. Self-esteem improves relationships, chances of getting hired and general happiness. She also loves getting to know the personalities behind the gleaming grins she helps fashion. Hubbard’s co-worker and former Trident Technical College peer Elle Todd added, “Patients stay with us throughout their lives. We see them grow up. It’s interesting to be a part of their story.” The fact that they care and want to be a part of the patient’s journey matters nearly as much as the clinical skill. People often avoid visiting dentists out of fear or nervousness. When a capable and knowledgeable health professional adds a little bit of heart into the mix, it changes everything. People are more likely to take care of themselves in a place where they feel comfortable. Hygienist Amber Strickland of Pleasant Family Dentistry offered, “Sometimes fear can get in the way and just a

7 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces little reassurance and trust can really help them make a breakthrough. No one should ever feel embarrassed about their smile.” Hubbard and Todd agreed that the warmth and personality comes from the family dynamic at Wando Family Dentistry. The doctors, assistants and hygienists care about one another, as well as their patients. That culture flows through the practice and to the people who matter most: the patients sitting in the chair, trusting the practice with their health. It wouldn’t all come together without every amazing piece of the puzzle. The dentists are the guiding edge pieces, without which there’d be no structure. But it is the dental hygienists who fill in the all-important middle, where the full picture is revealed. The same is true at Pleasant Family Dentistry, where a soothing and comforting environment stands in the forefront of values. Amber Strickland and others are part of that culture; and the office is rated one of the best in Mount Pleasant because of just that. The field of dental hygiene is expected to grow by 19% over the next 10 years and offers an above-average median income. In the United States, at least an associate degree from a school accredited by the American Dental Association is required to work as a dental hygienist. Trident Technical College offers this program beginning in the fall semester each year. Strickland remarked, “There is always a need for oral healthcare providers whether it be volunteering your time at East Cooper Community Outreach, Our Lady of Mercy Community Outreach or giving back in your own offices. Every year, our office has a free dental day where we spend a Saturday providing free services to those in need. It is such a rewarding day to see people leave with a smile on their face. There are also some amazing continuing education courses right here in the Charleston area.” It’s a great time to become one of these stewards of oral health that Mount Pleasant Magazine and Smiling Faces is proud to recognize.

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 8 smiling faces The sign outside the offices of Pleasant Family Dentistry read “Caring For Our Community Remains Our Top Priority.” For practice founders Dr. Richard Jacowski and Dr. Gregory Johnson, caring for the Mount Pleasant community isn’t just advertising; it’s a core value of their business. They aren’t just talking the talk. On Saturday, March 19th, the office hosted “Day of Smiles,” an annual event providing access to care for patients who have difficulty affording treatment. Staff and volunteers from other practices served close to 90 patients and provided over $40,000 worth of free dental services. Patients were seen on a first-come, first-served basis. “When we started doing this 10 years ago, we knew it would be a rewarding experience.” Dr. Johnson said. “We get to experience the patient’s gratitude and immense satisfaction first-hand. It doesn’t get any better than that! We are glad to have a wonderful team that is so gracious of their time for the needs of others.” Pleasant Family Dentistry, also called PFD, has been a part of the community for 33 years. In 2000, the practice moved from where it started on Houston Northcutt to off the Isle of Palms connector. The offices were designed following their guiding principle to “put the comfort of the patient first.” The space is welcoming and feels more like a spa than a dental clinic. Comforts such as TVs, blankets, massage chairs and Chapstick can help relax even the most anxious dental patients. According to Marketing Director Holly Sapolich, “We go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable.” With a well-rounded and experienced team of professionals on-staff, PFD is able to offer a wide-range of services, so patients don’t have to be referred elsewhere. Those services include general dentistry, extractions, CEREC ® same-day crowns, root canals, implants, pediatric dentistry, TMJ treatment and sleep apnea treatment. They also specialize in cosmetic dentistry including veneers, Invisalign, teeth whitening, Botox and fillers. At PDF, they want everyone to have happy and healthy smiles. Fear or embarrassment should never be a reason not to achieve great oral health. The office is accepting new patients and has an amazing referral rewards program. Recent monthly referral giveaways included a six-burner grill, an Apple watch and a 65-inch TV! For clients who do not have insurance, the office created their own in-house savings plan called the PFD Premier Plan that covers cleanings, exams, fluoride, X-rays and other discounts. According to Office Manager Heather Rourk, who has been with PFD for 17 years, “I’ve worked in the dental community for 25 years and the biggest difference that PFD has impressed upon me is their unwavering commitment to the community that supports them. We are always looking for ways to have an impact on our staff, our patients and our community. Anyone that visits us can sense that about us and that is why people keep coming back.” BY SHERRY WH I T I NG For more information, call 843-881-8881, or visit PleasantFami lyDenti s You can fol low them on Facebook or check out their Ins tagram page @pdf smi les A Practice that Cares Pleasant Family Dentistry

9 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces Cutting Edge Comfort River Landing Dentistry Dr. Rebeca Zechmann knew she wanted River Landing Dentistry to be two things: family-first and technologyforward. Opening her practice three weeks after learning she was pregnant with her third child wasn’t originally part of the plan. However, she was destined to be a mother of three with not only one successful practice but two (with two more in the works). Dr. Zechmann learned that being a professional woman is never without challenges. When an employer expected her back almost immediately after giving birth, she realized she could do things differently. “I opened my practice for my employees,” she said. “We offer great benefits; we support growth at all positions; and we are committed to life-long learning and change.” Zechmann cares deeply about her team, and sees her practices story as all of theirs, not just her own. She created a family where everyone can pride themselves on the business in which they are part. River Landing also provides the latest services, thanks to technology. They have digital intra-oral scanners and 3D printers in the office. They can even mill same-day crowns. The list of services (Invisalign, Botox and in-house surgeries) goes on and on. Patient comfort is stirred into that mix as well, making River Landing Dentistry a winning practice. Smooth scheduling, entertainment options and sedation dentistry keep things running effortlessly. Dr. Zechmann stated, “Patients don’t know dentistry, and they don’t remember all the things we say. They remember how we made them feel. It’s our goal to offer the best dental experience every time.” BY LEAH RHYNE To learn more, call 843-242-0645, or visit Comfortable, convenient dental care with the latest technology. 145 River Landing Dr., Suite 102 Daniel Island, SC 29492 200 Brighton Park Blvd., Suite A Summerville, SC 29483 Accepting new patients! Call, text or visit our website to make an appointment today (843) 242-0645 General Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Implants Same Day Crowns Invisalign Botox & Filler Sleep Apnea TMJ & Headaches ...and much more!

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 10 smiling faces 1203 Two Island Court, #101 Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 | 843.884.6166 Water’s Edge family and cosmetic dentistry “My experience with Water's Edge Family & Cosmetic Dentistry was beyond what I could have wished for! Dr. Dahlkemper's technical acumen was top-level, treating my smile like a fine art and making me feel secure in the major aesthetic changes we were making together. The whole team at Water's Edge ensured I felt comfortable and confident every step of the way, going out of their way to accommodate my needs, answer all of my questions, and explain details to me that I otherwise wouldn't have known to ask about. Beyond the superb results, Water's Edge made me feel like family. They remembered the personal details I shared with them and they continue to treat me and my husband with utmost care for our routine dental hygiene and aesthetic needs. THANK YOU DR. D, SARAH AND THE WHOLE TEAM!” Changing Lives Through Beautiful Smiles. CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION! 843.884.6166 1203 Two Island Ct #101 Mt Pleasant, SC 29466 (across from the DMV) Your smile is one of the first things people notice. If you want a beautiful, healthy smile and exceptional dental health, visit the dental offic of Water’s Edge Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, serving the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant, SC areas. Water’s Edge family and cosmetic dentistry OVER 300 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS

11 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces Dr. Nicole Dahlkemper is as impressive an individual as she is a dentist. Hailing from Pennsylvania, she has devoted herself to expanding and improving her cosmetic practice to include a myriad of services well beyond routine cleanings and fillings. A well-traveled and outdoorsy woman, her love of her young boys, her dogs and her community keeps her busy in and outside of the office. Dr. Dahlkemper is a wonderful fit for those looking for an oral professional who comes with a wealth of knowledge, life experience, education and heart. Graduating at the top of her class from Allegheny College with a bachelor’s degree in biological neuroscience and psychology, she received her DMD from Case Western Reserve University located in Cleveland, Ohio. She also earned a fellowship from the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, focusing on cosmetic dentistry and TMJ disorders. Additionally, she was awarded a fellowship with the Pierre Fauchard Academy, an international dental organization that recognizes leaders in the profession. After completing her education, she practiced in Washington, D.C., for five years. Dr. Dahlkemper then relocated to Mount Pleasant in 2010. Along the way, she immersed herself into local volunteering and global mission work. Quickly becoming a globe trotter, Dr. Dahlkemper has provided dental care to those in need throughout the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Peru. Her time exploring the world and diving deeper into her knowledge of the dental industry has readied her to take on most any case here in the Lowcountry. Examinations of the teeth, gums and jaw will start the journey for patients who hope to improve their smiles, jaw health or overall quality of life. Dr. Dahlkemper can help those who struggle with cosmetic problems, alignment issues, discomfort and even sleep apnea. Regarding keeping patients calm and happy, she said, “Making patients feel comfortable is a very high priority, regardless of the type of treatment they may need.” Her services include expertise in Invisalign application, nonsurgical TMJ therapy and cosmetic dentistry. However, the treatment options constantly grow and improve. Dr. Dahlkemper explained why continuing to expand her treatment options and knowledge is so important: “I take each day as a new opportunity to learn. I want to provide the highest quality dental care and want to learn how to better treat my patients.” BY E I LEEN CASEY For more information, visit, or call 843-884-6166. A Dynamic Dentist Nicole Dahlkemper, Water’s Edge Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

13 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces It’s said that “teamwork makes the dream work.” That’s a philosophy embraced by Smile Carolina Dental Group, where their team-oriented approach will help you achieve the smile of your dreams. “We want the best for our patients, and we do everything in our power to help them achieve their goals,” said practice owner Dr. Jeffrey Johnson. “We are here to help and guide them to establish the highest level of oral health possible.” Dr. Johnson specializes in restorative, surgical and implant dentistry. He also offers preventive and cosmetic Botox procedures, as well as sleep treatments. Practice Founder Dr. Virginia Gregory focuses on creating beautiful smiles with veneers and Invisalign, while Dr. Anya Kent specializes in endodontics. The providers closely collaborate to offer a uniquely integrated approach to patient care. This dream team is further supported by a group of skilled hygienists, assistants and patient coordinators. Each of them is committed to the care, comfort and health of their patients. “When you walk through the front door, Amy, our front desk team member, greets each patient with warmth and a welcome,” said Dr. Johnson. “The experience continues as you get taken back to our hygiene rooms for a cleaning by one of our dedicated hygienists, Angel or Shae, or when you are under the care of one of our diligent assistants, Jan or Victoria, for a restorative procedure. They all coordinate an exceptional patient experience as a team.” With such a talented group of providers, Smile Carolina Dental Group can offer an extensive list of in-house services. The practice has also invested in state-of-the art technology to develop accurate and individualized treatment plans. In January, the office added a VATECH Green CBCT system to their host of diagnostic tools. In just nine seconds, the machine produces a single-scan 3D image that, unlike with traditional 2D X-rays, provides a roadmap of the patient’s anatomy from the neck up. The results allow the team to pinpoint and treat chronic conditions such as bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching) and TMJ. 3D imaging is also used to diagnose mild to moderate sleep apnea. It’s estimated that 20% of United States adults suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, and 90% are undiagnosed. This shows how pursuing oral care can impact a person’s overall health and benefit them beyond the mouth alone. Dr. Johnson added, “We only get one set of permanent teeth. Establishing a baseline of health is critical to maintaining that very same set of teeth for your entire life.” Regardless of where you are on your oral health journey, the team at Smile Carolina Dental is ready to meet you along the way and help you achieve your goals. BY SHERRY WH I T I NG To learn more, visit, or call (843) 627-2921. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work Smile Carolina Dental Group

smilin g faces 8 For All Garner Family Dentistry ( BY LEAH RHYNE ] r. Cynthia Garner and her team want co serve your entire family, from the tiniest babies to the greatest ofgreatgrandparents. With cleanings, implant restorations, root canals, veneers, teeth whitening and dentures, there are inhouse services for everyone. Garner Family Dentistry is a one-stop-shop for all ages. Since launching her practice, Dr. Garner has devoted hundreds of hours to advancing her education. She is committed co making sure she's updated on the latest and most effective technologies. She uses her decades of knowledge and training co promote oral health and hygiene to all her patients. "Your oral health is important co your overall healch," said Dr. Garner. "You need to be able co chew your food fully and gee all of the nutrients so you can digest it properly. It's also important to make sure you don't have gum disease or an abscessed tooth." She also knows a beautiful smile is important. "I enjoy restoring smiles," she said "It's a life-changing event. People don't smile or are embarrassed by their smile. You can give them their smile back, along with confidence, which impacts all areas of their lives." Ifyou're interested in the services provided by Dr. Garner, give the practice a call today. They accept dental insurance and are excited to help you see how their services fit within your plan. Bring the whole family along. 1!t [ For more information, call 843-884-6002, or visit ] g arnerfamilydentistr y . com. Get personalized health coverage for all of life's stages. • • t. Christina Hardy 843-736-8807 Christina. Hard +. V South Carolina BlueCross BlueShield of South CoroUna is an independent Ucensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. 14 I I www.MountPleasant.Digital

15 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces All in the Family Sewee Dental Care Following in his own father’s footsteps, Dr. Edward White Jr., better known as Eddie, opened Sewee Dental Care in 1998. His daughter, Dr. Ivy White, has been working alongside him as partner in the practice after graduating Furman University in 2016 and MUSC in 2021. Having spent many years in various roles at Sewee Dental Care, Dr. Ivy is now a third-generation dentist. “I started working in the practice during my summers in college and have come to know almost all of our patients through the years. So, even though I am a relatively new dentist, our patients have seen me here for years,” she explained. She is committed to educating and integrating oral health into the overall health of her patients. She acknowledged her advantages, stating, “I feel so lucky to have been trained by my dad — who is an excellent clinician — as well as all of the faculty members at MUSC who made a huge impact on my career. There is so much more to dentistry than just working on teeth, and though I am just beginning my career, I am striving every day to have a positive impact on my patients and to make them feel at ease with their dental conditions. Knowledge is power.” In her free time, Dr. Ivy enjoys working in the garden, reading books and cooking for her family. BY E I LEEN CASEY To learn more, go to SeweeDental .com, or cal l 843-856-8856. WE LIKE YOUR NATURAL SMILE! 2928 N HWY 17, MT. PLEASANT, SC 29466 (843) 856-8856 • WWW.SEWEEDENTAL.COM “Dr. Eddie White and the Sewee staff are professionally top notch and terrific people to boot. One could not choose a more expert, considerate dentist than Dr. White.” - Bob O, Patient

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 16 smiling faces Dr. Kari Ryan and Dr. Kristi Dillard Call Today for Your Dream Smile 843.881.1638 815 Lowcountry Blvd, Mt. P DR. GREG BOTTONE 924 Tall Pine Rd. Mount Pleasant, SC 29464 (843) 884-4486 Always, always, always courteous, professional, efficient & friendly. It should be used to set the standard for dentistry in America. -Andy B When finding your Charleston dentist, be sure to do some homework and allow this site to be your guide. For Marketing Information or to be featured on, please e-mail or call 843-530-0403.

17 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces “Gentle Family Dentistry is great for patients of all ages. We will make sure your dental experience is easy, fun and rewarding.” Dr. Greg Bottone assured prospective patients. Born and raised in New Jersey, Dr. Bottone headed south for college and attended the University of South Carolina. He then graduated from MUSC with his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in hand. After a New Jersey residency, South Carolina pulled Dr. Bottone and his wife back to the Lowcountry, where he joined the thriving dental practice of Gentle Family Dentistry in January 1996. In 2000, he became a full partner and bought the practice in 2019 when Dr. Steve Michel retired. He is a member of the American Dental Association, South Carolina Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. He has also volunteered with Dental Christian Fellowship, serving in Haiti. As a sole practitioner and a longtime resident of Mount Pleasant, Dr. Bottone knows the value of community and relationships. He strives to surround himself with employees that feel like family. Most of the staff have been with him from the beginning, some for an impressive 34 years. A few have even moved away and returned to Charleston to be a part of this tight-knit group once again. The same camaraderie is extended beyond the staff to patients with a welcoming—and, as the name states—gentle approach. However, the friendly environment isn’t the only benefit to newcomers. The staff also brings a wealth of knowledge and ongoing vigilance to patients. “We encourage our patients to come in at least every six months so that we can catch problems when they are small. We also like to be able to help them refine their home care technique. Great home care makes cleanings easier and more enjoyable and decreases the chance of decay. In addition, we need to be mindful of what we are putting in our mouths. The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body, and proper nutrition is important for the whole system to work.” Dr. Bottone stated. Gentle Family Dentistry provides a variety of services beyond cleanings, fillings and crowns. They do cosmetic work including whitening products, bite guards, snoring appliances, implants and orthodontics. The most important part is that the patients are healthy and happy with their results. Dr. Bottone concluded, “There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a patient light up after improving their smile. A great smile is so important for confidence and self-esteem.” To learn more, call 843-884-4486, or e-mail It’s All in the Name Gentle Family Dentistry BY E I LEEN CASEY

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 18 smiling faces GENERAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY! (843) 972-9700 3377 S. MORGANS POINT RD SUITE 411 MT. PLEASANT, SC 29466 Thank you to our patients for your votes of confidence in our practice 6 years in a row! ® WWW. BESTOFMP.COM ® WWW. BESTOFMP.COM ® Great service, always friendly One thing I want to say about Dr. Hund is that, I never had the impression that he tried to leverage treatments on me that are not necessary. I’ve had my fair share of dentists, and for several of them, I could not get rid of the feeling that they performed unnecessary treatments. Not so with Dr. Hund. I feel comfortable, and when/if he tells me treatments are necessary, I trust that they really are. Also, he recommended me to another doctor for a procedure, and was up-front about knowing the referred doctor and having attended school with him, and the whole procedure went very good as well. So I can really recommend Dr. Hund and of course all his staff, they are always polite, professional, and caring. - Matt H. CASON T. HUND, DMD - PORTER GAUD - CLEMSON - MUSC Visit to see more patient reviews and get a feel for our office. Owned and operated by Dr. Hund

19 www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com smiling faces There’s something special about a person who returns home to the Lowcountry to launch their career. Maybe it’s how they bring with them a dedication to the location and its people; maybe it’s that baked-in southern charm. Whatever the case, Dr. Cason T. Hund of Wando Family Dentistry offers a healthy heap of homegrown passion to his patients, along with an array of services to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. Born on Hilton Head Island, Dr. Hund grew up in James Island and is a proud PorterGaud graduate. After completing his undergrad years at Clemson, he returned to the Lowcountry to attend the MUSC College of Dental Medicine and has been practicing in town ever since. “I wanted to be back in the Charleston area to be able to serve my local community,” he said. “My family is mostly still in the area. I like getting to see them on a regular basis and take care of their dental needs. It’s nice to be home for good.” He and his wife Jessica, a family physician at MUSC Health Daniel Island, live in Mount Pleasant with their growing family. “My family makes me the most proud,” he said. “I’m so glad to be a father of three. We have a 4-yearold son, a 2-year-old-son and a brand-new daughter.” Dr. Hund volunteers at East Cooper Community Outreach—a nonprofit organization that provides free dental care to underserved communities— and has also worked with Our Lady of Mercy Free Clinic, Dental Access, Give Kids a Smile and The Charleston Free Clinic. Perhaps it is that community-mindedness paired with a Lowcountry touch that makes Dr. Hund’s practice feel so special. Perhaps it’s also the fact that he considers his staff and patients an extension of his family, treating them exactly as he’d treat his own. Maybe it’s the excellence of their comprehensive services. “We are a family dental practice,” said Dr. Hund. “Our services range from routine hygiene visits to fillings, crowns, bridges and implant restorations. If there are deeper needs, we utilize the wonderful community of dental specialists in the area.” Dr. Hund’s team is always ready to help patients navigate the confusing world of dental insurance, too. “There are varying levels of coverage,” he noted. “It can be frustrating dealing with dental insurance companies, so we like to take the stress out of the dental finances by verifying your coverage before your appointment. Nobody likes to get a bill they aren’t expecting.” While he pointed out most of their services are covered, it’s better to know before you go, and that’s what he’d want for his family. Above all, Dr. Hund and his team want to make you smile. “The smile is one of the first things you notice about people,” he said. “It can help give you a good sense of self when you have a happy, healthy smile. The mouth is the window to the body. Healthy smiles are happy smiles.” BY LEAH RHYNE Happy Meets Healthy Smiles at Wando Family Dentistry To learn more, visit, or call 843-972-9700.

www. ChsDent i s t s . com | www.MountPl easantPhys i c i ans . com | www.MountPl easantMagaz i ne. com 20 smiling faces Visiting a dentist can be an intimidating experience, but the team at Kari Ryan Dentistry provides a calming, welcoming office atmosphere. They happily take new clients on a tour where they offer tea, coffee, comfy furniture and soothing lighting to put everyone right at ease. At this office, comfort and expertise are key. After graduating from Michigan State University, Dr. Ryan and her husband relocated for the Lowcountry’s warmer climate. She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina, where she received her Doctor of Dental Medicine and further completed a prosthodontic fellowship at the MUSC Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic. At the clinic, she focused on treating medically compromised patients and worked with dentures, crowns, bridges and implant restorations. A member of the Charleston Dental Society, South Carolina Dental Association and American Dental Association, Dr. Ryan gives back to her community through mission trips and dental clinics. “Continuing education is very important to me, as it is the way to stay up-to-date with materials, techniques and technology.” Dr. Ryan said. “I regularly attend classes and study clubs to stay relevant and collaborate with colleagues. I am also extremely proud of my team, which consists of very caring and highly trained ladies who care about clinical excellence and a great patient experience.” Part of that team is South Carolinian Dr. Kristi Dillard, who grew up in Murrells Inlet and graduated from the College of Charleston. She not only graduated from the MUSC College of Dental Medicine, she also met her husband Dr. Matt Dillard there. To continue her studies, Dr. Dillard completed an Advanced Education in General Dentistry program at MUSC and currently attends continuing education courses. Adding to the highly educated dentists and tranquil atmosphere, the team at Kari Ryan dentistry have made it a priority to use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure their patients are offered the best and safest options. Dr. Ryan relayed, “I would like to highlight our stateof-the art technology, which helps provide excellent and efficient care to our patients. We can take cone beam x-rays, which offer the lowest radiation and best diagnostics available.” The impressive résumés and favorable amenities pair perfectly with perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle at Kari Ryan Dentistry: the passion for the patients. “It is a true joy and privilege to help a person feel better and more confident about their smile, which, in turn, can have a positive impact on all aspects of their life.” Dr. Ryan concluded. “I enjoy the opportunity to potentially change someone’s life.” When Dr. Ryan isn’t fine-tuning smiles, she enjoys participating in outdoor activities with her husband and two children. She enjoys yoga, running, swimming, tennis and volleyball. For relaxation, she tends her garden and cooks delicious meals for her family. BY E I LEEN CASEY For more information, visit, or call 843-881-1638. Comfort and Expertise for a Healthy Smile Kari Ryan Dentistry

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